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Nestled between the NY Adirondacks and the Vermont Green Mountains. The town’s population is estimated at 6,000, but fewer than half that number live in the village proper. Well-maintained Victorian homes, with large porches, gingerbread trim, and slate roofs in varied colors and designs dominate the scene within the village. The community of Granville embraces Middle, North, West, and South Granville plus Hampton, Truthville, and Raceville. Because Granville borders the Vermont line, Wells, Pawlet, and West Pawlet, Vermont also are an integral part of the community in both business and social relationships. Clubs, Church Groups, Civic Organizations and School-related activities provide Granville with many social activities throughout the year... Civic Pride and Enthusiasm is manifest in the town's support of its Community.

The Dedicated Volunteers of the town Fire Companies and Rescue Squad give the area a modern, highly trained emergency aid.

The Granville’s Rescue Squad
The building houses well-equipped ambulances and emergency equipment. 55 Trained volunteers are on call during the day and stay in the building for night duty.

Granville’s Fire Department
Encompassing three companies with a volunteer staff of 85 very active members. We have an additional 7 companies in the outlying areas. These men keep themselves and their equipment up-to-date through training sessions that keep them ready to fill the needs of our growing Community and keep us safe. The majority of their costs are covered by their own fund-raising events.

The Granville Police Department

The Granville Police Department is a paid force with their new headquarters on Quaker Street.

Outside the Village area residents depend on The NY State Police with Barracks in North Granville and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.
For Emergency Service in the Granville Area Dial 911

Medical Services

Granville Family Health & Mettowee Valley Family Health Centers provide our area with Medical and Emergency Care Treatment. Several doctors have family practices in the area. A Physical Therapist, a Chiropractor, and A new Dental Facility are also available.

Indian River Nursing Home

Founded by Alfred and Ruth Morris. It has been family owned and operated since 1950. It is a single story, 122-bed, skilled nursing facility. For more information:

Indian River Nursing Home


Granville Large Animal Veterinary Service

Provides Ambulatory Veterinary Care at your Location for Routine and Emergency Care as well as Embryo Collection, Freezing and Transfer for Bovine and Equine, Small Ruminants (Sheep & Goats) and Camelids (Llamas & Alpacas). Service Area in NY & VT includes: Washington County, NE Saratoga County, SE Warren County, Rutland County and Bennington County. Phone: 518-642-1676 Fax: 518-642-1685

We are also with-in a ½ hour’s drive to Battenkill
Equine Surgical Hospital.


Granville Small Animal Hospital

Located in their new building on Route 22 in Middle Granville, provides complete Veterinary care for all the small animals in the area and sells Animal Supplies, Dog & Cat Foods and Flea, Tick & Heartworm Protection Products.

Granville NY Industry

Granville NY has the only working Red Slate Quarries in the World!The picturesque slate quarries are a hallmark to the area and Granville proclaims itself "The Colored Slate Capital of the World." In 1850 the first skilled slate workers were recruited from Northern Wales to extract the purple, green, red, and mottled slate from the rich veins on the outskirts of town. The milled slate is shipped nationwide and continues to be one of Granville’s biggest employers. The town also boasts other thriving industries including:

Telescope Casual Furniture Inc.

which is nationally known for summer and casual furniture, used for private and commercial use.
Telescope Casual Furniture Inc.


Manchester Wood

Granville’s newest industry , produces wood products including beautiful furniture. The Granville Area Boasts over 300 Retail and Service Businesses that round out the rest of the economic picture.


The town is fortunate in having rich farmland where several modern farms aid in making Washington County one of the leading dairy counties in the state. The land also provides other agricultural endeavors such as maple sugaring with many family run sugarhouses producing Maple Syrup, candy and other Maple products. Fair Season offers Maple ice cream and Maple cotton Candy. From early summer through fall the lands are rich with u-pick strawberries, apples and miles of other varieties of fruit and berries.

Granville Schools 518-642-1051

Granville is proud of its two elementary schools and its junior/senior high school. They are all well-kept buildings served by an excellent staff of qualified and dedicated teachers. Playing fields adjoin each school with the addition of a football field and track for the high school.

Granville enjoys a pleasant relationship with its neighboring Vermont towns. The New York State Certified School System draws high school students from the Vermont towns of Wells, Poultney and Pawlet and offers continuing education to adults in the area.

Granville Area Churches 518-642-2245

Several beautiful churches extend their steeples skyward throughout the Granville area. Many of them were built by the ethnic groups of the population: Welsh, Slovaks, Poles, and Irish, who took pride in the building stone, stained glass windows, decorated slate roofs, and the oak pews and pulpits inside. We have many active church congregations of various denominations.

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